The Digital Hollywood Experience


Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Location: LVCC, North Hall, Room N262

9 - 10 AM
Track II - DH7- Digital Hollywood

Virtual & Augmented Reality ThinkTank: The Next Generation

From cover of Time Magazine to breakout star of CES, VR/AR have arrived and are transforming everything from entertainment and advertising to gaming and education.  VR/AR are technologies that come along once a generation and capture the imagination of the world.

Cliff Plumer, President, Jaunt Studios

Aaron Luber, Head of Partnerships, Google Cardboard

Myles McGovern, President, IM360

Michael Kintner, CEO, 360Heros

Steve Schklair, founding principal and CEO, 3ality & 3mersiv

Jez Jowett, Global Head of Creative Technology, Havas Media

Robert Nashak, COO, Survios. Moderator


Cliff Plumer, President, Jaunt Studios: Cliff Plumer is responsible for the development of content and production at Jaunt.  Prior to joining Jaunt, Cliff was an angel investor and advisor to Oculus Rift, a Board of Director to Telltale Games, and a Producer of VR content for the launch

of the Samsung GearVR. As CEO of Digital Domain, the company won an Academy Award for visual effects on the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, in addition to receiving Technical Achievement awards from the Academy for innovation. At Digital Domain, Cliff established a studio in Vancouver and a Virtual Production Studio in Los Angeles. As CTO of  Lucasfilm, Cliff directed the construction of the technical infrastructure of The Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco, and the Lucasfilm Studio in Singapore. He worked closely with George Lucas on the development of the first Digital Cinema production for the Star Wars Trilogy. Cliff has worked on over 100 Hollywood feature films and television series. He began his career at NBC.


Jez Jowett, Global Head of Creative Technology (London-based), Havas: Viral marketing pioneer with Cake since 1999. More than 400 online campaigns resulting in 2 billion earned media views, shares, mentions and likes. Joined the Global Team in 2011, now based in London. Passionate about making fascinating things out of, and for the internet. A preacher and a practiser of all things interactive and social.


Aaron Luber, Head of Partnerships, Google Cardboard: Aaron leads partnerships and content strategy for Google Cardboard. The most impressive surprise about Cardboard's early success is in the incredible brand engagement and eagerness for companies from all over the world to work with the platform. Previously, Aaron was on the YouTube New Business Development team and helped launch 360-degree video for unique storytelling.


Michael Kintner, CEO, 360Heros: As a self-professed computer nerd with an affinity for aerial and 360° photography and videography, Michael Kintner has been in the tech business for 30 years. His latest company, 360Heros™, Inc., revolves around developing easy to use, portable and lightweight HD 360° Plug-n-Play video gear that utilizes GoPro® cameras. Although he holds degrees in Computing Graphics, Engineering, Information Systems, and Information Technology Management, much of his education has come directly from hands-on experience in the fields of robotics, UAV’s, CNC machining, and teaching others how to use today’s technology. Michael is committed to all aspects of his business – research and design, manufacturing, production, software and mobile app development, training and support – and having a great time transforming his hobbies into his latest innovations.


Myles McGovern is President of IM360, a joint venture between Immersive Media Company and Digital Domain Holdings Limited. He also serves as President and CEO of Immersive Media Company (IMC). IMC's revolutionary 360° video technology has been changing the face of interactivity across the web, mobile devices and VR, creating a new standard for the way we interact with video in the entertainment market.  Under Myles’ direction, Immersive Media has pioneered and become the world’s leading provider of 360° interactive video. Starting with military and intelligence applications, the technology was popularized when Immersive Media brought the concept of “Street View” to Google. It has since become the industry standard for interactive second screen experiences. From working with top brands such as Converse, Samsung and Mountain Dew, breaking new ground for American Express “Unstaged,” with the Taylor Swift “Blank Space” video, to the live-streaming of an NHL game, Immersive Media is changing the way we view entertainment. Prior to joining Immersive Media in 2004 Myles was Founder, President and CEO of Centrinity/MC2. It was there he spearheaded the company’s rapid growth into 55 countries and was twice nominated for Canadian Entrepreneur of the year. In addition, Myles spent 10 years at Xerox working in product management for digital product integration strategy. Myles is a graduate of Simon Fraser University.


Steve Schklair is a producer, cinematographer, CEO of 3ality Technica, and founder of 3MERSIV. Recognized as an international 3D expert, Schklair has expanded his reach into virtual reality. He is dedicated to advancing VR from both a creative and technology perspective through the 2015 launch of 3MERSIV—a company entirely focused on VR production and developing integrated solutions for capturing VR. 3MERSIV is currently working in Nokia Technologies on the continued development and use of the OZO VR camera system.  Utilizing the same vision and technological skill that elevated 3ality to a new standard in native 3D systems and technology for movies including Transformers: Age of Extinction, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and all three Hobbit installments, Schklair is already making an impact on virtual reality’s potential to capture news, sports, and other programming that could benefit from a 360 degree viewer experience. Schklair's is responsible for shooting the first live S3D broadcasts from the NFL, the BCS Championship, sports programming for BSkyB, the Super Bowl, and the World Cup. Diving into the VR world is a natural transition for Schklair where he is noted for contributing to the Nokia-designed OZO launch by directing and producing a “Marriage Equality” test production. Schklair served as a producer and the 3D and Digital Image Producer on the groundbreaking U23D movie released in 2007 by National Geographic. He served as Executive Producer on films such as Britney Spears Live: The Femme Fatale Tour (credited), and on live concert films for Kenny Chesney Summer in 3D, The Black Eyed Peas in Paris, and Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again (uncredited in lieu of company credit). He also served as a producer for the Russian epic, Stalingrad, directed by Fedor Bondarchuk. Highly regarded by an international client list as one of the world’s leading experts in digital and live action 3D, Schklair is often credited as being one of the primary catalysts behind the resurgence of 3D in Hollywood films. Schklair contributed to Bernard Mendiburu’s 2011 book, ‘3D TV and 3D Cinema’ and has spoken at dozens of conferences including NAB, events for the PGA, and has been a keynote speaker at MIPCOM 2012 in Cannes, 3D Masters in London, Dimension-3 in Paris, and the IBC in Amsterdam. Prior to 3MERSIV, Schklair was a senior executive at Digital Domain during the production of such films as Apollo 13, The Fifth Element, Titanic, and Terminator 2:3D. He was also creative director for R/Greenberg Associates, Executive Producer of The Columbus Project for computer graphics and interactive media pioneer Robert Abel, and Co-Producer at Infinity Filmworks where he produced and photographed dozens of special venue films. In 2014, the International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society recognized Schklair and 3ality with the prestigious Century Award, which is presented to those individuals and companies who have indelibly left their mark on 3D’s first century.  Schklair is an associate member of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), a member of the Producer’s Guild of America (PGA), and is an award winning member of the VES.


Robert Nashak, COO at Survios: Robert Nashak is Chief Operating Office at Survios, Inc, a leading start-up in the Virtual Reality Gaming space. Prior to joining Survios, Robert was Executive Vice President, Digital Entertainment & Games at BBC Worldwide, COO of BringIt, a social media startup, SVP of Global Production for Electronic Arts, VP and General Manager of Yahoo! Games, and CCO at Glu Mobile. As a long-term advocate for independent game developers, he helps run IndieCade, the world’s largest independent games festival.  Robert is a long-term adjunct in the interactive media division at the USC School of Cinema and Television.