Monday, October 19th, 2015

Artists in Hollywood - Actors - Writers - Performers - Directors - Producers

3:45 PM - 5:00 PM

Track IV: Marina Vista Room – Live Webcast from this Room

The TV/Film/Video - Developing Strategies and Partnerships - Developing Hollywood Content as Brand and Franchise

John Reding, VP of Business Development, Vin Di Bona Productions

Keith Rivers, Director, Workhouse Creative

Mark Pellington, Director/Producer, U23D, I Melt with You, Mothman Prophecies, Arlington Road

Michael Corrente, director and producer, Door in the Floor,  Outside Providence, Brooklyn Rules, Federal Hill and Some Velvet Morning

Mike Rotman,  New Media Producer, TV Writer, “South Park,” “The Simple Life,” Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher”

Kimberly King-Burns, Partner, convergenz/solutions, Moderator

record producer, and parody songwriter; his younger brother Andrew Rivers is an up-and-coming stand up comic, frequently touring the country. Keith prefers the director’s chair, alongside the camera, working closely with actors, nurturing story inside the edit room and creating music in his recording studio. In only a few years, Rivers has built a portfolio that most do over an entire career, working for brands such as Microsoft, Chevrolet, Alaska Airlines, Tesla, Hershey’s, Taco Bell, and Volvo as well as inadvertently starting a soup-to-nuts creative house in Seattle, representing a core group of talented directors, as well as conceptualizing a 350 million dollar global marketing campaign for Internet Explorer, a music synchronization deal for Alex Clare that begot him a triple platinum award. Rivers also created the instantly viral Surface commercial for Microsoft, which received 8 million views and won a Gold ADDY award. When he’s not working on innovative marketing campaigns or customized branded content, he’s traveling with non-profit organizations to places like Zambia, Bangladesh, the Amazon, and Senegal, developing humanitarian stories involving education, children, and culture. As a hobby, Rivers is a singer and songwriter, currently producing his third music album.


John Reding, VP of Business Development, Vin Di Bona Productions: As VP of Business Development and Operations for Vin Di Bona Productions, John executes strategic deals across media and technology partners for ABC's “America's Funniest Home Videos,” including deal pipeline creation, prioritization and management and business model creation and implementation. His operations responsibilities include leading the social media, online video production and YouTube programming teams. A specialist in piloting innovative entertainment partnerships, John was Co-EP of “CuteWinFail,” starring Toby Turner, which consisted of 100 episodes on YouTube with 202+ million views. John began his career at one of Hollywood's most prestigious talent firms - the William Morris Agency (now William Morris Endeavor). Reding was promoted to an executive role and was responsible for Agency-wide new client pitches, business development, research and industry intelligence that collectively helped differentiate company services. John worked directly with Oscar, Emmy and Grammy Award winners seeking to expand their businesses including: Mo'Nique, Hulk Hogan, Serena Williams, Michele Wie, Blue Collar Comedy, Wayans Brothers, JJ Abrams, Steve Oedekerk, Kevin Spacey, Garth Brooks and Courtney Cox, among many others. He has directly helped corporate clients with branded entertainment programs such as Anheuser-Busch, Mandalay Resort Group, Harrah's Entertainment, SK Telecom, General Motors and the NFL. A California native, he received a B.A. in International Relations from Stanford University and resides in Los Angeles.


Mike Rotman,  New Media Producer, D, TV Writer, “South Park,” “The Simple Life,” Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.”:  Mike Rotman is a new media producer, director, and 20 year TV veteran. His credits include “South Park,” “The Simple Life,” “Nanny 911,” and an Emmy nomination for Best Writing on “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.”   Mike was one of the first traditional media professionals to transition to web. In 1993, he produced the first live AOL chat on NBC’s “Later with Greg Kinnear.” Mike also wrote, directed, and produced the first “Blair Witch” spoof to debut online (“The Oz Witch Project” in 1999). In 2002, he created the first live daily online reality show called “Star Wait” and independently built up the site to over 200,000 views per day (nearly 4 years before the official launch of YouTube) that in 2005 lead to a distribution deal to sell the DVD in Target stores across North America.   In 2010, Mike left television to create his own online production and live streaming company called  46 hours of content. Streamin’ Garage. Literally built in his own garage, Streamin’ Garage was the first ever multi-camera HD live streaming company on the web and featured innovative shows including “Stupid for Movies” & “Stripped Down Live with Curt Smith.”  Since then, Streamin’ Garage has sold shows and ad campaigns to Will Smith, Nerdist, Ora, Trojan Condoms and Discovery Online as well as live streamed some of the biggest names in entertainment including James Cameron and Brad Pitt.  Mike’s latest show is the first ever worldwide game show called Take My Bitcoins. Streamed live on every Thursday night, the show has paid out over $40,000 in Bitcoins to people from all over the world including: Egypt, Israel, Germany, Israel, Estonia, Denmark, Bulgaria and Singapore.   Recently, Mike was Head of Production for the YouTube multi-channel network Big Frame and ran the YouTube funded channel Bammo.


Michael Corrente, director and producer, Door in the Floor,  Outside Providence: Beginning with his film début feature Federal Hill in 1993, the writer/director has become something of a creative dynamo, helming and raising the financing for all of his films while continuing to break new artistic ground. In a testament to Corrente’s dedication to both good writing and creative freedom, his production company has quickly become a magnet for both established and emerging talent. Hot off the success of his debut, Corrente went on to helm the feature adaptation of David Mamet’s three-character drama American Buffalo, starring Dustin Hoffman and Dennis Franz. After American Buffalo, Corrente teamed with Peter and Bobby Farrelly to co-write, produce and direct a film adaptation of Peter’s novel Outside Providence, starring Alec Baldwin. Hailed by the Los Angeles Times as a “coming-of-age story of exceptional warmth and humor,” the sharply observed comedy perfectly blended Corrente’s gift for evoking blue-collar life with the antic sensibility of the Farrelly Brothers. His company’s diverse slate of releases following Outside Providence included The Door in the Floor based on John Irving’s novel A Widow for One Year, which stars Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger released by Focus Features,  from director Mike Hodges’ (Croupier, Get Carter) the hard-hitting drama I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead for Paramount Classics; and writer/director John Schultz’s (Drive Me Crazy, Like Mike) coming-of-age-story When Zachary Beaver Came to Town. Corrente then helmed and produced the soccer drama A Shot at Glory, starring Robert Duvall, Michael Keaton and Brian Cox and shortly after produced and directed Brooklyn Rules written by Terence Winter (The Sopranos, The Wolf of Wall Street). The film stars Alec Baldwin, Freddie Prinze Jr., Mena Suvari, Scott Caan and Jerry Ferrara. Corrente most recently directed Loosies starring Vincent Gallo, Peter Facinelli and Jaimie Alexander and produced two films: Some Velvet Morning written and directed by Neil Labute, starring Stanley Tucci and Alice Eve and Backmask directed by Marcus Nispel, who also directed the remakes of Friday The 13 and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Michael recently created a television show Animals which he sold to Slingshot Global Media, starring Matthew Fox. Michael is currently working on a film with Vince Vaughn, Bill Paxton and Mike Epps.


Mark Pellington is originally from Baltimore, Maryland, he attended the University of Virginia, receiving a B.A. in Rhetoric in 1984. Upon graduation, Pellington joined MTV’s award-winning On-Air Promotions Department, where he created short conceptual spots, editing original footage with found sound and images. This groundbreaking work in collage and sound/image/text juxtaposition became the primary focus of his early work, leading to the creation of an ambitious 13-part global series, “Buzz” with MTV Europe producer/director Jon Klein. Commissioned by MTV and channel 4 (UK), “Buzz” was hailed by critics as progressive, adventurous television. Episode 1 of MTV's 1990 BUZZ (created and directed by Mark Pellington). Buzz was MTV's firstst internationally broadcast series. It was intended to showcase and promote the influence of Burroughs' Cut-up innovations on multimedia in general through Pellington's non-linear video/audio collage direction. While at MTV, he branched out as a freelance music video director shooting clips for Information Society, Malcolm McLaren, and De La Soul. He also ventured into the art world, collaborating on text image pieces with New York gallery artist Jenny Holzer and William Burroughs. Upon completing Buzz, Mark refined his unique personal vision through a series of TV and video projects.  Mark Pellington became internationally recognized as one of the world’s premiere music video directors. His video for Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” is one of the most popular in history, as well as one of the most honored. It earned him Best Director at the 1992 Billboard Video Music Awards, and picked up four 1993 MTV Video Music Awards, including Best Director and Video of the Year. His videos for such noted rock, pop, and rap performers as U2, Pearl Jam, Michael Jackson, Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Bruce Springsteen, Nine Inch Nails, Alice in Chains, The Dave Matthews Band, Demi Lovato, Public Enemy, INXS, The Flaming Lips, The Fray, Jason Mraz, Cage The Elephant, Kid Rock, Band of Horses, Moby, Natasha Bedingfield, Information Society, De La Soul, and many others form a prolific and often imitated body of work. Pellington brought his media manipulation techniques to stadiums around the world when he helped create the multi-screen image environment for U2’s highly acclaimed “Zoo TV” tour. He also served as creative director on an experimental multi-media project for the Spanish exhibition at World Expo ‘92 in Seville, Spain. “The Memory Palace” was a five-screen live-action/film evocation of cyberspace made in collaboration with science fiction writer William Gibson, and musicians Brian Eno and Peter Gabriel. "Words In Your Face - Originally aired in 1991 on PBS, as part of "Alive From Off Center," a production of KTCA (St. Paul - Minneapolis). Outside of the music world, Mark Pellington develops his eye for documentary and narrative films. Words In Your Face, a half-hour film he created for PBS’s prestigious series Alive From Off Center, anticipated the current appeal of spoken word poetry. A half-hour television poem, Words featured John Leguizamo, KRS-ONE and Henry Rollins. He also wrapped “Red Hot & Dance” and collaborated with Obie-award winning director David Gordon and music producer Hal Willner on a half-hour live action cartoon called “Punch and Judy Get Divorced” for PBS.  He created a five-part series for PBS, “The United States of Poetry,” which takes the viewer on a cross-country journey through end-of-the-century America, guided by 72 poets and spoken word artists. A kaleidoscopic portrait of America, the series captured the moment and will last as an artifact of a turbulent but hopeful time. In the spring of 2003, Mark moves into the world of network television.  He directed the pilot episode of CBS’ Cold Case, a one-hour series Executive Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. He served as a Consulting Producer overseeing the visual look of the top rated show for 4 years. A highlight was the January ’06 episode entitled “8 Years” in which Cold Case producers were able to license nine Bruce Springsteen songs. Springsteen very rarely licenses his music and his relationship with Mark was an integral part of his decision. In 2005, Mark Pellington’s video for the Foo Fighters’ “Best of You” was nominated for two prestigious awards, Best Rock Video and Best Editing, at the MTV Music Awards. That year, Pellington also Executive Produced a documentary called "Our Town" by director Scott Kennedy. It was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award.  He continued to work commercially, shooting campaigns for Subaru, Lowe’s, Honda and Cingular – a collaboration with Savion Glover.  In 2006, Mark traveled to South America to direct the U2 3D concert film.  A longtime collaborator with Bono and U2, Pellington and co-director, Catherine Owens, broke new cinematic ground for both cameras and technology. The film was released in 3D in theaters and IMAX. In the summer of ‘2007 Mark Pellington directed his fourth feature, “Henry Poole is Here”.  A personal, uplifting story about hope and faith, the film starred Luke Wilson, Radha Mitchell, and Adriana Barraza. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was released by Overture Films in 2008. Mark’s 5th feature film was “I Melt With You,” starring Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven, Rob Lowe, and Christian McKay as four friends who make a life-altering pact in college and are forced to confront it 25 years later. This controversial and daring film premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and was released by Magnolia Pictures later that year. In 2012, he directed the pilot, “Red Widow” starring Radha Mitchell and written by Melissa Rosenberg about one woman’s dangerous journey into the world of organized crime. The show aired on ABC in March 2013. Also in Fall 2012, NBC and Bruckheimer TV again teamed with Pellington to produce the pilot “Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives” written by Sasha Penn. In 2013, Pellington paired with Fox Studios and Homeland’s Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa, and Alex Cary to direct the CBS pilot “Anatomy of Violence” starring Skeet Ulrich and Amber Tamblyn about a maverick FBI criminal psychiatrist with an expertise in sociopaths. The beginning of 2015 saw the creation of Pellington’s latest TV success. BLINDSPOT, an action thriller for NBC, produced by Greg Berlanti, was a high profile pilot which will become a series. Pellington will remain an Executive Producer/Director and continue his multi-media exploration in all narrative forms.


Kimberly King-Burns, Partner, convergenz/solutions, Moderator: King-Burns is a managing partner with NetworkBahamas, EnergyCaribe and EnergyBahamas, technology collaborative advisories to the public/private sector throughout the Bahamas and Caribbean; serves as EB-5 business development strategist on a variety of projects around the USA with active investor networks in South America, China and the Middle East; assists major companies and government relations team with their targeted ethnic social media outreach to the African-American, Caribbean, Spanish and Asian markets; worked as chief operating officer and president of Greenbridge Capital's digital media, alternative energy/green technology consulting groups in Los Angeles; was active on the community advisory board of KCET Channel 28 Los Angeles (PBS); and founded The Briland Modem Fund, a community development foundation serving the Out Islands of the Bahamas. King-Burns was raised on Harbour Island, Bahamas, and studied English literature at Salem College in Winston-Salem NC.

Keith Rivers is a 31 year old director who grew up in North Bend, WA surrounded by the cascade mountains with a family infiltrated into the entertainment industry. His father Bob Rivers is an iconic radio talk show host, multi-gold