Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

11:05 AM - 12:20 PM

ThinkTank III: Ballroom Terrace

Video Innovation! Social Video, Personalized Video, Real-Time Video - Communication and Commerce

Collin Lee, Vice President, Marketing, Influxis

Philip Nelson, SVP/CRO NewTek

Nathan McGowan, Senior Director, Product, The Hollywood Reporter & Billboard

Gavin Goodvach, Head of Content, Vexigo

Ari Evans, founder and CEO, Maestro

David Rogier, CEO & co-founder, Masterclass

Andrew Sachs, CEO of Weev

Bill Newell, President, North South Studios LLC, Moderator

increasing the flow of healthy food to lower income neighborhoods.  After Tesco, David attended the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he met renowned tech investor Michael Dearing, whom he went to work for after graduation. After a year with Michael, David decided what he really wanted to do was rekindle his two favorite pastimes from his youth: entrepreneurship and question-asking, by starting MasterClass (Michael became his first investor).  As Co-Founder and CEO, David is responsible for two important things: starting the business and asking the most important question to potential masters, “do you want to teach?”


Nathan McGowan: Senior Director, Product, The Hollywood Reporter & Billboard, currently No. 5 among the top 10 Entertainment/News sites (Comscore).  He also worked as Director of Product for Participant Media, overseeing,, as well as the social action campaign websites for films such as The Help, Waiting for Superman, and Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. He started his Product career as Product Manager for


Philip Nelson - Chief Relationship Officer, Newtek: Philip oversees the cultivation of strategic customer relationships across all markets and is the champion for NewTek corporate culture.  Nelson also leads NewTek's social media efforts. Beginning as a sales rep in 1998, Nelson has been promoted several times; first as central sales manager, then east coast sales manager, director of worldwide sales, vice president of sales and video marketing, SVP of Artist & Media Relations and finally Chief Relationship Officer, where he is a driving force in increasing sales and market share. Nelson has overseen numerous product launches, including  TriCaster™,  VT[4]™ (Video Toaster) and SpeedEDIT™. At NewTek, Nelson has forged successful relationships with the NBA, NFL, Disney, ESPN, Fox Sports, and MTV. Prior to joining NewTek, Nelson was an entrepreneur, focusing in video production, post production and ISP. Previous clients included Phil Robertson's Duck Commander, Tim McGraw, San Antonio Spurs, The Smithereens, MTV, Coca-Cola and Georgia Pacific.


Ari Evans is founder and CEO of Maestro, a social video platform for content creators--"Maestros"--to engage and monetize their audiences. His latest entrepreneurial endeavor is the manifestation of several passions and past experiences in business, media, and tech. Prior to Maestro, Ari was a product manager at Zynga, where he integrated Fortune 100 brands into CityVille, the biggest game on Facebook. Before Zynga he worked as an analyst at Goldman Sachs. Ari holds a M.S. in Management Science from Stanford and a B.S. in Information Science from Cornell.


Gavin Goodvach is Head of Content at Vexigo Ltd. Founded in 2010, Vexigo is a global provider of content marketing and online video advertising services, delivering compelling results through propriety, patented technology that ensures maximum value for marketing dollars, targeted distribution and enhanced engagement for website audiences. Gavin leads the video content division at Vexigo sourcing and managing partnerships with brands, agencies and content producers and overseeing content marketing and monetization for the company. Vexigo was acquired in February 2015 by MTS Ltd (NASDAQ: MTSL). Prior to Vexigo, Gavin was Head of Content at AnyClip Media where he managed content relationships with Hollywood studios and Major TV networks for distribution, marketing and monetization globally. Gavin spent over 20 years working in production and post production in Australia, USA and Israel, working with leading Hollywood studios and managing post production for feature animation.


Collin Lee, Vice President, Marketing, Influxis: Collin currently serves as the Vice President, Marketing & Creative Services at Influxis, a premier creative streaming company that specializes in unique online projects, involving live interactive streaming, UGC (User-Generated Content), Web-based robotics, real-time creative collaboration and other cutting edge media technologies. They have worked with many major brands, such as Disney, Domino’s Pizza, Google, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Toyota, Warner Bros, Yamaha and others. He has 20 years of marketing and advertising experience, from managing multi-million dollar national advertising for an Asian automaker to launching new foreign brands in the U.S. market. With several partners, he also co-founded a Korean American ad agency, working with international clients such as Kumho Tire. He also worked as an independent producer, representing various entertainment properties from Korea for the Hollywood market and spearheading co-production deals with such artists as Man of Action, the creators of Ben 10. He received his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California and Full-Scholarship M.S. in International Business from California International University.


Andrew Sachs is CEO and Co-founder of Weev, a social video company.  Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and investor, with a unique background in digital media combined with extensive experience producing live theatre and film productions. Andrew was previously President and COO of Ultimate Movie Site, a web-based movie marketing business;  and is a co-founder of Directors Lab West, an internationally recognized conference under the auspices of Lincoln Center.  Over the course of his career, Andrew has built, engaged, and overseen both online and live audiences with innovative and compelling applications, games, and content.


Bill Newell, President, North South Studios, LLC: As a founding partner of North South Studios, Bill Newell brings more than 18 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience to the company. Bill has been involved in production and multimedia from its early days and has had key roles in establishing many of the business processes that today are often taken for granted. Bill's areas of expertise include finance, technology, production, and operations. Bill's ability to increase productivity without sacrificing quality has been proven time and time again and is a key asset to the company. A longtime associate of his partner, Sarina Simon, Bill came to North South Studios from the Knowledge Kids Network where he served as Chief Operating Officer for five years. Bill co-founded the Knowledge Kids Network and was instrumental in defining its business objectives, operational processes, and company structure. His thorough planning and oversight launched the KidsEdge websites. This network of award-winning websites contained more than 250 games, thousands of articles, and had the capacity to support 3.5 million users. During his tenure at the Knowledge Kids Network, Bill also executive produced a 12 minute animated movie entitled, DotzWorld, which premiered on the AOL network and featured 25 original characters. Bill's insightful finance skills were invaluable to the company in its negotiations with AOL and other prominent partners. Prior to joining the Knowledge Kids Network, Bill was Vice President of Production for IXL Los Angeles, a NASDAQ listed Internet services company with more than $12 million in yearly revenue in the Los Angeles office alone. As VP of Production, Bill oversaw all aspects of production and provided sales support for IXL's west coast offices. Always prolific, he supervised and managed the design and implementation of over 100 projects including assignments for Polygram, Fox, Warner Brothers, NewsCorp, Baker and Taylor, Mazda, Kawasaki, Universal Studios, and Technicolor, among others. Making use of his extensive finance background, Bill brought financial discipline to his production team and productivity increased over 200% during his tenure at IXL. Before joining IXL, Bill was Vice President of Production for Digital Planet, an Internet services company that was later acquired by IXL. As VP of Production, Bill provided direct management of technical, production, and creative teams. He also oversaw all proposal submissions, bids, technical analyses, and creative treatments for media, technology, and consumer companies including Intel, Mattel, the US Postal Service, Disney Online and Allstate. Bill is also a veteran of the multimedia pioneering company, Philips Media, where he worked for four years as an Executive Producer, managing two in-house production groups. In this executive role, Bill directed a 35 member staff and produced six educational CD ROM products. He also directed the localization of numerous products for the Japanese, English, Swedish and American markets.

DAVID ROGIER, Co-Founder and CEO, MasterClass: David Rogier grew up in Los Angeles, California where he became known for two things: entrepreneurship (he sold his first company, an Internet search engine, while still in middle school), and asking too many questions in class. At Washington University in St. Louis, David majored in Political Science and Political Economy, and produced a popular interview show on a college network called 23 Minutes (although it often ran longer). David was recruited by British retailer Tesco to launch their first stores in the U.S., and worked in supply chain management where he focused on