Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Special Afternoon Event, Salon III

1:15 PM - 2:30 PM, Salon III

Crowdfunding Breakthrough: Access to Capital Meritocracy through Reg A+ -- How is Raising Money from Consumers, Including Non-Accredited Investors Changing the Funding Marketplace

John Strisower, CEO, GoChip (Has Received Reg A + SEC Approvals)

Melinda Moore, CMO, CrowdFunder

Connie Koch Harrell, Regional President. Southern California, Keiretsu Forum Southern California

Andrew Wong, founder, Coinvent

Mariana Danilovic, CEO, Hollywood Portfolio, Moderator


Aggregation and Programming for MediaZone, broadband video company owned by NASPERS/MIH media conglomerate. She also founded and directed the Digital Media Incubator at KPMG LLP, which developed about two-dozen digital media companies. The companies Ms. Danilovic helped develop received institutional funding from KPCB, Sequoia Capital, Hummer-Winblad, Constellation Partners, Softbank, North Star Ventures, HP, and Intel.   Ms. Danilovic headed business development for Peter Guber’s Mandalay Entertainment and was on the management team of the venture fund at Sony Pictures Entertainment, investing in media companies worldwide. Ms. Danilovic also worked for Michael Milken’s Knowledge Exchange and at the Twentieth Century Fox International Television Group. She serves on the Board of Directors of C3, the Arts and Media Node of the Millennium Project, served on the Board of Directors of the Producers’ Guild of America, and is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.   She previously served on the Board of Directors of Tim Draper’s Zone Club and was a member of former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan's Digital Coast Roundtable. Mariana earned a Masters in Business Administration from the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA, and a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, with a Minor in Biomedical Engineering from University of California, San Diego.


Melinda Moore, CMO, CrowdFunder: Melinda is an award-winning innovative social entrepreneur who leverages her connections in entertainment, technology, and Fortune 100 companies to benefit social and environmental issues through the power of business. Angel investor; business advisor; social good consultant Provide integrated marketing consulting services to technology start-up companies edtwist, Breaker, Brut, and; develop marketing plans, including mobile campaigns, social media, original content, viral marketing, SEO, SEM, website development and strategic partnerships. Helped launch the domestic violence foundation When Georgia Smiled for Robin McGraw and Dr. Phil which included a website, emergency smartphone app, summit conference and thought leadership plan. Worked with the United Nations Foundations to make Robin McGraw a key spokesperson for #GivingTuesday which featured the Silence Breaker campaign on the Dr. Phil Show and throughout social media.


Connie Harrell, President, Keiretsu Forum Southern California, LLC: Connie’s unique business sense and creative vision is the blueprint for her proven successes in various industries as both a serial entrepreneur with retail, telecommunications, printing, graphics and forms design, technology, Internet community development and CEO/COO over companies in publications, telecommunications, technology with enterprise management systems, public relations, and fundraising. With a belief that people and relationships are the most vital part of life, along with her pioneering attitude and insatiable desire for new experiences, Connie is growing the region of Keiretsu Forum in Southern California. Keiretsu Forum Southern California is a region within the worlds largest network of Angel Investors.  Keiretsu Forum Global has 39 chapters on 3 continents with more than 1500 accredited investor members. Our network of angel investor members, along with our partners and sponsors, are committed to growing the community of investors who are interested in funding entrepreneurial opportunities and providing valuable resources for their growth. Our goal is to grow our community of investors by providing an international platform to showcase the most promising opportunities, ultimately creating the right environment, a Keiretsu, for everyone's potential success with ROI.  In 2014 our investors invested 58.3 million in 79 companies.


John Strisower, CEO, GoChip: For about 30 years, John Strisower has been a serial entrepreneur. The half-dozen plus companies founded by John paired state-of-the-art technology, typically semiconductors, computer hardware and software with electronic, electromechanical and laser based technologies to address industry problems and opportunities. During his career, Strisower built successful and innovative solutions to solve challenges in numerous industries including accounting, manufacturing, home IV therapy, casino table game player tracking, grocery retail and wholesale distribution, public safety, power cogeneration, Internet advertising and medical technologies. Strisower has performed all phases of startup including innovation, creation of IP with numerous patents, copyrights and trademarks, protection of IP as an expert in IP litigation, financing including angel fundraising and institutional venture capital, negotiation of transactions, hiring and leading successful teams and boards, realization of return on investments by shareholders and angel investing and mentoring other startups.

Mariana Danilovic, CEO, hollywood portfolio:  Ms. Danilovic is the Founder and CEO of hollywood portfolio, an incubator and accelerator that develops and operates entertainment, digital media, and technology companies. Through hollywood portfolio, Ms. Danilovic launched and helped develop several digital media companies, and served as the President, CEO and Director of ultralivetv, serves on the Board of Directors of reframeit (observer), and the Board of Directors of Emerge Digital.   Ms. Danilovic was the EVP Business Development for NTN Buzztime, Inc. (AMEX:NTN) and Head of Business Development, Content