Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

ThinkTank I: Salon III

Crowdfunding in Practice:  An Update on Crowdfunding Campaigns and Strategies

Chris Haberi, The Grant Funding Expert

Arturo Perez, Founder & Product Design, Kluge

Tatjana Luethi, Creative UX, Brand & Design Strategist

Ronjini Joshua, President, The Silver Telegram

Jason Fishman, SVP, Digital Strategy, Digital Niche Agency

acquisition of a spectrum of entertainment licenses. Most recently, Jason conceptualized, built-out, and launched the product marketing division of an ad sales firm to increase awareness, interest, and demand for mobile/tablet ad products, which led to a significant increase in revenues.


Tatjana Luethi is a creative UX strategist, brand and design professional who is passionate about helping socially conscious companies generate an authentic and relatable brand. As a seasoned strategy facilitator, she synthesizes business, brand and user goals to activate impact, innovation and change for digital marketing initiatives. Tatjana is also a co-founder of the TOGETHER! Network, which empowers purpose-driven female entrepreneurs via on-going education, programs and workshops to help them launch their own vision.

Jason Fishman has ten plus (10+) years experience as a “New Media Enthusiast”, thoroughly enjoying and understanding all aspects of what’s possible via digital strategies including, but not limited to, social media platforms, CPI ad campaigns, blogging and email platforms. He has held leadership roles at niche ad agencies helping develop different brands at various stages. Jason has successfully implemented programs that produced millions of dollars in marketing product sales while working with the major publishers and brands. Jason has also held pivotal roles in the initial stages of a social gaming startup, for which he produced a marketing plan and presentation materials used to raise capital funding of $3M, as well as the