Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Special Workshop

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, Salon III

Strategies in Start-up Business Development:  Developing Concepts, Lean Start-up Techniques and Positioning Your Company to Succeed!

Moderated by Brian Mac Mahon, CEO, Expert DOJO

Mike Weeks, Producer, Reality Star and NLP Expert

Ryan Foland, Blackstone Launchpad Accelerator

David Ochi, Blackstone Launchpad Accelerator

Ryan Foland, Assistant Director of the Blackstone LaunchPad at UC Irvine, is an Orange County native who has a passion for working with people, and a love for startups. A decorated Toastmaster and organizer of Irvine's 1 Million Cups, Mr. Foland speaks to and works with all types of entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals.


David Ochi, Blackstone Launchpad: Experienced entrepreneur with over 20 years of start-up experience. Direct experience with several hundred companies. Particularly interested in projects that involve overseas components and strategic management needs. Specialties:Business plan writing, funding, acquisitions, business process planning, strategic planning, financial planning, negotiations












Brian Mac Mahon, founder and community maker, Pay It Forward Labs; In the last 15 years Brian has been a global leader in the realm of on-demand workspace, helping companies align their workspace and their business plans. Although, Brian is a commercial broker by trade, he has a unique ability to help companies take less space by educating companies on lean workspace tactics. Brian's focus initially has been on the expansion of Silicon Beach and its many thriving startups, incubators and angels. These smart space tactics improve their efficiencies internally and help them outsource externally. Brian has worked in over 20 countries all over the world and is respected as a thought leader on officing in the future. His vision and implementation of new technologies will revolutionize the way people office and it all starts in Silicon Beach.