Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM, Marina Vista Room

Morning Virtual Reality Keynote

Moderator - Marty Perlmutter, Early VR/3D Technology Leader

Lucas Wilson, VR Producer

Steve Bannerman, Owner, Local Hero Post

Andrew McGovern, Vice President of Media & Entertainment, IM360

Stephen Fromkin, Head of Production, 360Heros

been widely published. He is currently working on the campaign to save Africa’s elephants, using social media to reduce demand for ivory in China. Marty’s education nonprofit, Multisensory Interactive Learning, is developing mobile math games. The first in the series, “Tangram Jam,” is available for Apple and Android devices.


Lucas Wilson, VR Producer:  A passionate proponent of the intersection of technology and creativity. Recognized by Worth Magazine in 2014 as one of the “Future Makers: 12 Top Media Innovators”, Wilson is pioneering real production workflows for VR. With domestic and international teams actively producing more than a dozen projects, his client span includes major Studios, Billboard top-10 artists, game companies, and multinational advertising agencies.”


Andrew McGovern, Vice President of Media & Entertainment, IM360: Andrew works with strategic partners and content producers to create, deliver, and monetize VR content in a world where new technologies are dramatically changing the way people consume media. His involvement with Immersive Media and IM360 has allowed him to engage with a disruptive technology that is beginning to reshape the way people experience media. Since 2006 Andrew has worked with Immersive Media, starting as one of the “original six." Andrew won a Cannes Lion award for Best Use of Social Media for MEC/Lloyds Torchview campaign.


Stephen Fromkin, Head of Production, 360Heros: Stephen Fromkin currently serves as Head of Production for 360Heros. He joined 360Heros in January of 2015 after the company’s growth increased due to the expanded popularity of Virtual Reality. Mr. Fromkin’s first foray into immersive production was on Director Chris Milk’s breakthrough music video featuring Beck shot with 360-degree camera rigs. Hired by @radical to serve as the Post Producer, Stephen was tasked with creating the technical workflow that combined 360-degree camera configurations, binaural audio and traditional HD format. Milk’s final piece won numerous awards including two Webby Awards and three Cannes: Cyber Lion Awards.  As a freelance VR Producer Mr. Fromkin has worked with clients such as AT&T, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer and more. Joining 360Heros has provided opportunities to work with Time Magazine, Discovery Communications, Crossfit, HGST, G-Technology, Chevrolet, VICE and Cinemax’s BANSHEE. He additionally serves 360Heros as a business strategist and operations manager. Mr. Fromkin is also a Partner and CEO of inMotion Studios, a boutique motion graphics and promotional video production company based in Burbank, California. inMotion’s long client list includes NBC Universal, ABC, CBS, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, A&E, OWN, Original Productions, Apple and dozens of film and television producers and directors.  Mr. Fromkin has also produced national commercials and hundreds of hours of web and promotional content for the companies such as Jaguar/Land Rover, LA Fitness, AAMCO, Ebay Motors, BP, RE/MAX and Aflac. While fulfilling both of these media production-heavy roles, he remains active in the world of independent feature filmmaking. Mr. Fromkin has produced numerous feature films including DARK TOURIST (with Melanie Griffith and Michael Cudlitz) and ACROSS THE HALL (with Brittany Murphy, Danny Pino and Mike Vogel.) Most recently Stephen wrote the original screenplay for TOTAL FRAT MOVIE, which just completed post-production. Mr. Fromkin’s ability to manage the demand for creative, high quality content is based on his physical production expertise, understanding of complex post- production workflows and budgetary efficiency. It is this combination of skills that has made him a sought after asset for many projects. Mr. Fromkin served as a full-time Adjunct Professor of Film Production at Boston University’s College of Communications for three years as he began his production career, prior to moving to Los Angeles. Stephen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies from Clark University and a Master of Fine Arts in film production from Boston University. He is currently the Board of Director President for both iLead Charter School and Scarlet Foundation and lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.






Martin Perlmutter has worked in interactive media for over four decades. He invented an immersive display helmet in 1970 and later incorporated 3D TV in a series of science museum exhibits. He created interactive products for IBM, AT&T, HP, Pioneer, Mindscape, AOL, Looksmart and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His interactive and education work has won awards in the US, Japan and Europe. Perlmutter built long-lasting interactive exhibits at the Boston Museum of Science, Lawrence Hall of Science and New York Hall of Science. He has consulted to HBO, Sony, Xerox, AT&T, MIT, Harvard, NYU, UC, Ericsson, BT and Mass General Hospital. He has lectured at Harvard and MIT and taught at Tufts, NYU, San Francisco State and Cogswell College. His writings on new media have