Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM  – The VR - AR - Immersive Track

Session II: Ballroom Terrace

The Contours and Technology of VR-AR-Immersive: It Feels Like Magic - Doorway to New Environments

Jeff Nicholas, Co-Founder and President, The Uprising Creative

David Rosenbaum, Director, Creative Director, JauntVR, Director, Humble

Peter Oberdorfer, ‎President, Tactic

Jay Harwood, VFX & CG Supervisor, Firstborn

Andrew Brown, Director of Strategy, Holovis

Moderator - Jim Stewartson, Founder and CEO, RIDES.tv

that combined live action VR filming with vivid, cinematic CG in post-production—a first in the VR world. Prior to Firstborn, Harwood began his career in traditional production companies like The Ebeling Group, Nexus Productions and Analog Studio working on award-winning TV, film and advertising projects in a variety of styles—from stop motion to VFX VR. He graduated from Nottingham Trent University.


David Rosenbaum is a director with Humble+Postal, known for his technical savvy and storytelling abilities using both live action and CG. He began his career as an art director and later creative director at Academy Award-winning digital production studio Digital Domain, working on features like “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and “Tron: Legacy,” and helming multi-award-winning commercials such as Nike “Biomorph.” Leveraging his experience in digital production, David recently teamed with Jaunt Studios’ president Cliff Plumer to create “The Recruit” for Samsung’s Gear VR headset, a groundbreaking short film that marks one of the first pieces of narrative VR content created in live action, stereoscopic 3D.


Jeff Nicholas is a Producer, Director, and Creative Director as well as Co-Founder and President of The Uprising Creative. He’s The Uprising Creative's fearless leader, providing vision and strategy for the company as a whole, as well as producing and directing branded content, commercials, music videos, and VR content for brands such as Beats By Dr. Dre, Perrier and Bud Light Platinum, and artists such as Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Jason Mraz and Shakira.


Peter Oberdorfer, ‎President, Tactic: Peter Oberdorfer has been creating virtual experiences for over 20 years. He started as a CG artist and Visual Effects Supervisor for over 30 Hollywood features, including his company’s work on the “Matrix” Trilogy, and supervising VFX for such films as diverse as Aronofsky’s “The Fountain”, “Happy Feet” and the first “Fantastic Four” film. The company he co-founded, Giant Killer Robots received multiple awards, including Academy Awards for Visual Effects and Animation, and an Emmy for Visual Effects. Peter first became interested in immersive, real time experience design about six years ago, leading a group of experience designers to create content and technology for Microsoft for their Kinect product, and doing early prototyping work on Microsoft’s AR platform that would eventually become their HoloLens product. He has been capturing 360° environments and designing real time 360° game engine experiences for VR since the Oculus Kickstarter in 2012, and as the medium has grown, he and his associates have been developing techniques and pipelines for captured and interactive VR experiences, including patented VR camera technology. His new company, Tactic, is involved with VR production for multiple


Andrew Brown, is Strategy Director at Holovis, a pioneer of large scale AR/VR technology applications.  His background in experience design and customer-led growth strategies have informed Holovis's explosive entry into the worldwide attractions marketplace. Current projects include innovative blended AR/VR reality applications for the thrill ride sector with Universal Studios and Ferrari World. They are also working with Jaguar LandRover on innovative AR/VR applications for several new vehicle programmes. One key Holovis innovation is to have taken the CAVE and developed it into a decision enhancing 'Holo-Space', enabling a kinaesthetic, experiential learning environment that transforms the interface between creative and engineering processes, whereby the creatives, designers, engineers and project specialists can take their ideas from story board, into CAD and then into RideView™, Holovis's proprietary envisioning design realisation software tool. This allows full volumetric 3D digital assets to be reviewed, manipulated (all head-tracked) and engaged with in 1:1 scale, transforming VR/AR from being a great technology in search of a business application into a useable decision enhancement tool that makes early stage ideas, conceptual designs and provisional plans come alive, all in revisable form. This changes the whole design/cost/quality/time paradigm in favour of the producer. Holovis also specialise in integrating real-time interactivity. Total immersion only comes from participants doing things and seeing the environment change as they interact with it, in real-time, making every experience unique to them. When this engagement is linked to broader, behavioural gamification components the whole experience becomes personal, collaborative, competitive and customisable, making the participant a co-creator of their own experience.  This obsession around user-driven experience design goes to the heart of what Holovis are all about, focusing on the individual first and the technology second. Holovis will be demonstrating this approach at IAAPA Florida in November with the launch of their interactive 3D Dome experience - Crimson Wing, the world's first fully interactive dynamic 3D Dome ride, conceived and designed using RideView™.


Jim Stewartson, Founder and CEO, RIDES.tv: Jim Stewartson is an entrepreneur and producer with 20 years of experience combining technology and entertainment to create groundbreaking companies, projects and platforms. He got his start building virtual reality experiences and technology in 1995 by creating the first VR game ever distributed on the web for Star Trek: First Contact, and going on to head numerous award-winning VR experiences for notable brands and properties including, Titanic, Lost in Space, Starship Troopers, CNN, Intel, Sony, IBM, France Telecom, NBC and the Olympics. Most recently Jim was Executive Producer for Niantic Labs at Google, leading design and development of a massive immersive story spanning the web, mobile, traditional media and the real world. Previously, as Co-Founder and CEO of Fourth Wall Studios, Jim built a world-class team that created the first transmedia entertainment platform, RIDES.tv, and a dozen original content series. The first major production by the company won the first Primetime Emmy® for Original Interactive Content. Prior to Fourth Wall, Jim was a founder of 42 Entertainment where he helped pioneer the category of alternate reality games with properties like Halo, Nine Inch Nails and Batman, earning many awards including two Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes Lions, an Innovation Award at GDC, and multiple Webbys.  Jim speaks regularly around the world, and is a frequent guest speaker at USC and UCLA. He is a member of the Interactive Media Group of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and a member of the New Media Council at the Producers Guild of America.

Jay Harwood, CG Supervisor, Firstborn: Jay Harwood leads the VFX and CG work for the Firstborn Studio, a cross-discipline department of creatives, motion designers, 3D graphic artists, video editors and creative producers. In his role, Harwood provides technical and artistic leadership while overseeing all animation and VFX projects to create groundbreaking work to push his clients’ businesses forward. He works with a prestigious list of clients including Audible and Mountain Dew and is involved in projects from conception until final delivery. Harwood originally joined Firstborn to grow the CG department into a larger scale production studio working on different formats and styles. His most recent work includes the Art of Patrón, an immersive virtual reality experience