Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM - The VR - AR - Immersive Track

Session II: Ballroom Terrace

The Power of VR-AR: A New Language of Artistry - A Unique Moment of Commercial Possibility and Marketplace

Jarrell Pair, Sr. Manager, Digital Ideation, Digital Entertainment Product Group, DLab, DIRECTV

Rich Flier, Managing Director of Business Development for Digital Domain Holdings Limited

Michael T. Jones, President and CEO, Wearality

Cameron Curtis, Director of Digital Marketing, Universal Pictures

Christine Cattano, Executive Producer, VR Studio, Framestore

Tom Saachi, co-founder, UNIT9

Moderator - Shawn Gold, Advisor, Wattpad.com


previous role at boutique marketing agency Campfire incorporated production for multi-platform, cross-channel initiatives, for brands including National Geographic Channel, HBO and Harley-Davidson. At Framestore, notable projects have included the highly-awarded Game of Thrones ‘Ascend the Wall’ experience, Volvo Reality and Merrell ‘Trailscape’.  Driven by the consistent new challenges of such a new technological field, Cattano will continue to develop VR strategies both internally and with a growing roster of clients, maintaining Framestore’s already impressive project count whilst growing the Studio’s reputation for innovation and skill, endeavoring to push the medium forward as a whole. Christine has recently shared her VR expertise with publications including Contagious, Wired, AdAge and Shots.


Rich Flier, Managing Director of Business Development for Digital Domain Holdings Limited:  Rich Flier oversees Digital Domain’s advertising and videogame business. A 20-year veteran brand strategist and marketer, Flier joined the company in 2011 as Executive Producer. He was instrumental in building the division’s client base and expertise in the creative development and production of videogame content for Activision, Electronic Arts, 2K Games, Microsoft and other top publishers, developers and ad agencies. In 2012 he was elevated to VP. Prior to Digital Domain Flier co-founded boutique games marketing and production agency Secret Identity. He was also the VP of Interactive Entertainment at 3D imaging company 3DV Systems, which was sold to Microsoft and its technology became part of the Kinect system. He spent several years at DDB Worldwide, was a VP at Creative Domain’s Interactive Entertainment Division (now Trailer Park), and has held marketing and production roles at DreamWorks Interactive.


Cameron Curtis is the Director of Digital Marketing at Universal Pictures Marketing and Distribution. Cameron works on the digital social and creative direction for campaigns across Universal Pictures' slate of films. While at Universal Pictures, some of the titles he has worked on include "Furious 7," "Jurassic World," "Ride Along," "Lone Survivor," "Ted," "Unfriended," and "Trainwreck." Prior to working at Universal, Cameron worked in the World Digital Marketing Group at Sony Pictures Entertainment. Cameron graduated from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television and received his MBA from the USC Marshall School of Business.


Michael T. Jones, President and CEO, Wearality: Michael joins after six years as Google’s Chief Technology Advocate, where he was charged with advancing the technology to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. He was formerly CTO of Google Maps, Earth, and Local Search—the teams providing location intelligence and information in global context to a billion users worldwide; CTO of Keyhole Corporation; an inventor of Google Earth; CEO and CTO of Intrinsic Graphics; and, Director of Advanced Graphics Software at SGI (OpenGL and Performer). A computer programmer since the 4th grade, he is an entrepreneur, prolific inventor, technologist, and popular public speaker.


Jarrell Pair, Sr. Manager, Digital Ideation, Digital Entertainment Product Group, DLab, DIRECTV: Mr. Pair has extensive experience in media technology leadership and management working with both large companies and entrepreneurial firms. He has designed and developed cutting edge technology for entertainment, art, training, and medical applications.  A passionate innovator and entrepreneur, Pair’s background spans the areas of online video, mobile computing, wearables, augmented reality, and immersive virtual environments.Starting in 2008, Pair served as chief technology officer at LP33, a music entertainment company focused on the discovery and promotion of emerging and established music artists through its multi platform online video and social networking technology.  He held responsibility for all technology planning, development, and operations. Pair recruited and led a talented team of developers which created a highly regarded video portal along with a suite of popular apps for Facebook, smart phones, and internet connected televisions. Prior to joining LP33, Pair founded and oversaw the Mixed Reality Research and Development Group at the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies.  Starting with a small seed project, he and his team successfully expanded their work to acquire multi-year funding for applications targeted at mobile devices and immersive virtual reality systems.  In 2005, realizing the power of the mobile phone as a computing platform, Pair secured funding and directed the development of an advanced internet application for quickly updating online digital maps using data from phone cameras and GPS sensors.  Among the many other initiatives he led, Mr. Pair directed the technical design and development of the FlatWorld wide area mixed reality system.  A 21st century version of the Star Trek holodeck, FlatWorld merged motion picture soundstage techniques with 3D stereoscopic computer graphics providing an immersive simulation environment in which users could walk and run as they do in the real world. Throughout 2001-2006, Pair also worked as an independent consultant on numerous online media projects. Pair has continually sought to break new ground at the intersection of entertainment and technology.  In March 2001, he worked with the band Duran Duran and the University of Southern California’s Integrated Media Systems Center to produce the world’s first immersive video and audio recording of a live rock concert.  This pioneering work was presented on the internet and featured on duranduran.com.  During October 2000-February 2001, Mr. Pair collaborated with Duran Duran in developing the first use of augmented reality technology in a live concert tour.  Touring with the band, he also set up live streaming internet video broadcasts accessible via the band’s website.


Tom Saachi, co-founder, UNIT9: Tom is a partner at UNIT9 New York. Born in Florence Italy, Tom completed kindergarden, explored a degree in architecture and worked in film and Tv Production before co-founding UNIT9 in 1997.  Over the last 18 years he has used his creative and technical bent collaborating with advertising agencies and brands alike on the many evolving aspects of marketing. Creating elegant innovative content across web, mobile, games Installations, and Virtual reality. UNIT9 is an innovation studio, at the intersection of broadcast, web, experiential, social and gaming. Established in 1997 We are 150 strong with offices in New York, San Francisco, London Berlin and very soon LA. Recognized by major national and international awards schemes for both creativity and effectiveness.  Inducted to the FWA Hall of Fame . He was on he digital board of the ACIP, helping develop standards and best practices. In his spare time, Tom enjoys developing his skills as an amateur anthropologist.


Shawn Gold, Advisor, Wattpad.com; Shawn Gold has over 20 years of experience in branding, communications planning, digital marketing and content strategy. He currently advises Wattpad.com, a social storytelling platform and one of the fastest growing mobile content sites in the world. Previously he oversaw sales, marketing and content development as CMO of Inside Studios, a video and mobile app company creating shows with over 1 billion views on YouTube and MSN. Until 2007, he was CMO, head of marketing & content for MySpace. At MySpace Gold spearheaded the development and implementation of marketing initiatives and campaigns for MySpace during its growth from 25 to 110 million users worldwide. Prior to MySpace he was a partner and the founding publisher of Weblogs, Inc., a network of popular blogs that included Engadget, Joystiq and Autoblog, now part of AOL. As head of communications planning for Rare Medium, Shawn helped launch digital communications strategies for brands at P&G, General Mills, Nestle, Mattel and other international brand marketing companies.

Christine Cattano is Executive Producer within Framestore’s Virtual Reality Studio, based in New York. In her two+ years at Framestore she has actively grown her department from an interactive arm of the company into a dedicated studio focused on virtual reality, building an infrastructure to support this exciting new creative technology while still in its infancy. Leading a team of highly creative minds, Cattano has been at the forefront of some of Framestore’s most pioneering projects. Cattano joined Framestore in April 2013 as Senior Producer, serving as production lead for all digital and integrated projects. Her