Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

12:30 PM - 1:45 PM

Track I: Salon II, Live Webcast from this Room

Ultimate TV: The OTT, Cross Platform, Multiscreen Experience - Navigated by Set-top, Mobile Device or Console

Mike Earle, CEO, aioTV Inc.

Nick Colsey, Vice President, Television Division, Sony Corporation

Nash Parker, Director, Emerging Technologies & Market Development, Alcatel-Lucent

Robin Wilson, VP of Business Development, NAGRA

Ty Roberts, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Gracenote

Dana Forte, Vice President of Product Management, Vubiquity

Thomas K. Arnold, publisher and editorial director, Home Media Magazine

David Leibowitz, Managing Partner, CH Potomac, Moderator

executive leadership to develop a multi-tenant streaming video platform that powered LOVEFiLM, prior to its acquisition by Amazon.  Dana was also a founding member of the increasingly popular M-GO service - a direct-to-consumer video storefront found on PC’s and Macs, big brand smart TV’s, Roku and Google TV. Dana also led digital advertising initiatives for Yahoo!’s Search Marketing division.  Before that, he was a Manager for Andersen’s Advanced Technology business consulting division - an industry leader in providing strategy and consultative services to startups and Fortune 500 companies. Dana holds an Executive MBA from Pepperdine University and a BA in Management Information Systems from Cal State University of Northridge.


Mike Earle, CEO & founder, aioTV:  Mike is a long time cable industry veteran who started his career in 1996 as data services manager with Eastlink Ltd. in Canada, deploying some of the earliest implementations of high speed internet, DOCSIS, and cable telephony. Following Eastlink Mike created or was involved with several startups supporting the industry including VP or founder roles at Com21, Core Networks, Terayon, v.1 Labs, and TV Anywhere.  After merging TV Anywhere with Utah based Connected Lyfe in 2009, Mike created aioTV, Anywhere with Utah based Connected Lyfe in 2009, Mike created aioTV, a service provider enabling platform, designed to aggregate multiple sources of video, including OTT, TVE, and Licensed content, into a common multi device experience for end consumers. Mike is considered to be a subject matter expert in the field of emerging video delivery platforms and consumptive end user behavior trends. Mike holds an MBA from Pace University in New York and has enjoyed a successful past racing open wheel formula cars.


Robin Wilson, VP of Business Development, NAGRA:  As VP of Business Development at NAGRA, Robin Wilson’s responsibilities include ensuring that the company’s current and future solutions are developed and applied whenever new opportunities or markets arise. Robin has over 25 years of international broadcast technology experience in companies that include BBC, NBC, RCA, DiviCom, Grass Valley and Modulus Video where he has held various marketing, engineering, management and founding positions.  Robin has participated in and presented at many industry organizations including SMPTE, EBU, IBC, ATIS, IEEE and NATAS. He graduated with a BSc. degree in Applied Physics (EE) from Dundee University, Scotland, and holds a watermarking patent.


Nick Colsey, Vice President, Television Division, Sony Corporation: A veteran of Sony Electronics for 20 years, Mr. Colsey is an integral member of the team responsible for Sony’s successful BRAVIA Internet Video platform  and other  network service initiatives. In this capacity, he works with multiple Sony product categories to bring the connected experience to consumers worldwide.


Ty Roberts, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Gracenote: Ty is tasked with developing long-term strategy and identifying new areas of growth for Gracenote. Ty co-founded Gracenote when his company ION merged with CDDB in the late 1990s. Prior to Gracenote, Ty produced the industry’s first interactive music experiences on CD for artists like Brian Eno and David Bowie. Connected to practically everyone in the business, from labels and artists to technologists, Ty is a frequent speaker at music and TV industry conferences and events.


Nash Parker, Director, Emerging Technology Commercialization, Alcatel-Lucent: Nash Parker, Director, Emerging Technology Commercialization, Alcatel-Lucent: In this position, Nash Parker is responsible for the development of strategic business goals for the ng Connect Program (a 4G wireless/broadband ecosystems endeavor); identifying and evaluating of the program's partnership opportunities, marketing plans and legal requirements. Additionally, Mr. Parker serves in strategic direction activities, analyst relations, and is a primary liaison for Alcatel-Lucent with the media and advertising communities; including music, film, television, and video gaming. Prior to assuming his current role, Mr. Parker held positions as the Manager of Business Development for Sony Computer Entertainment America (PlayStation) and worked at General Motors Corporation in advertising and sales/marketing functions. Alcatel-Lucent provides tools, products and services that enable service providers, enterprises and governments worldwide, to deliver voice, data and video communication services to end-users. The company has now moved onto the content arena by enabling interactivity across service providers' digital platforms (IPTV, digital cable, digital terrestrial, Internet and mobile). This in turn provides their subscribers a unique 3 screen media experience to interact with their favorite brands and entertainment services. The result is a unique way for service providers to differentiate their packages, add revenue generating applications, increase the stickiness of the services and get more value out of their network infrastructure.


Thomas K. Arnold is one of the leading home entertainment journalists in the country. He is publisher and editorial director of Home Media Magazine, the home entertainment industry’s only trade publication. He also contributes home entertainment analysis news features and weekly home entertainment sales and rental updates to Variety. He has talked about home entertainment issues on CNN’s “Showbiz Tonight” and “Entertainment Tonight,” and was a frequent guest on the G4 network’s “Attack of the Show.” Arnold is a frequent speaker, moderator and keynoter at entertainment and technology industry conferences, summits and other events, including the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Digital Hollywood, and the EMA’s Digital Pipeline. He has been quoted in numerous publications, from Advertising Age and Billboard to USA Today and the New York Post.


David E. Leibowitz is Managing Partner of CH POTOMAC, working at the intersection of entertainment, media and technology and focused on bringing new innovative ways for people to enjoy and experience content.  David brings many years of experience in business, law and policy issues facing the entertainment, new media, CE and IT industries.  Among other activities, David is a Senior Advisor to Gibson Brands (parent company of such iconic brands as Gibson Guitar, Baldwin, Onkyo, Philips Home Entertainment and TEAC); Co-founder and Chairman of Sir Groovy (an award-winning solution for creating enhanced search metadata for musical recordings); Co-Chairman of Golden Shores Enterprises (a marketing and advertising technology firm that utilizes point of sale consumer data to deliver hyper-local digital advertising and lifestyle content across multiple digital platforms); and Chairman of Moonrider (an interactive advertising and content generation company whose platform is used to create engaging “magnetic” HTML5 and iOS experiences for tablets, smartphones, and other interactive devices).  David also serves as a member of the CEO Advisory Board of The Silverfern Group (a merchant bank specializing in buy-side M&A opportunities) and as Chairman of the Advisory Board of FIGHTER Interactive (a transmedia strategy and marketing services company for celebrities and brands).  In recent years, David has served as an Advisor to The SingTel Group (Asia’s leading provider of telecom, data and media services in 25 countries); as a Senior Advisor to Motorola Mobility; as Chairman of EZMO (one of the early cloud-based music social network and storage locker services operating in Europe); as Executive Vice President of Gotuit Media (a leading provider of premium metadata based video tools – since acquired by TiVO via Digitalsmiths); and as an Advisor to others in the content and technology industries.  Earlier in his career, David co-founded and served as Chairman and Co-CEO of Verance (the preeminent audio watermark technology provider used by the motion picture, music, CE and IT industries to protect, manage, and monitor the use of audio and audiovisual content); was Executive Vice President and General Counsel of the Recording Industry Association of America; was a partner in the Washington, D.C. law firm Wiley & Rein; served as Policy Planning Advisor to the Register of Copyrights for the U.S. Copyright Office; and as an adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Miami Law School, and at the Communications Law Institute of the Columbus School of Law (Catholic University).

Dana Forte has been on the front lines of developing new business initiatives in digital media and online advertising for the Media & Entertainment industry for over 10 years.  Dana currently holds the position of Vice President of Product Management at VUBIQUITY - the leading global provider of Premium Content Services - where he heads up the integration of groundbreaking multiscreen solutions for innovative video service providers. Previously, Dana served as the Vice President of Digital Media Programs at Technicolor where he provided