Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Session II: Ballroom Terrace

Immersive Cinema in Out of Home:  From Theme Parks to Movie Theaters and Amusement Parks

Matthew Gratzner, Co-Founder / Creative Director, New Deal Studios

Dan Jamele, Vice President/CTO, MediaMation

Chris Ratner. Founder, reelXperience Entertainment, LLC

Sang Cho, Chief Content Officer, CJ 4DPLEX America

Kevin Williams, Consultant and writer, KWP, Moderator (former Imagineer)

BAFTA for his work on The Aviator and received a Primetime Emmy nomination for the visual effects on From The Earth to The Moon. He has won numerous VES awards as well as a Clio and Cannes Grand Lion for his work on the historic Halo3 “Believe” Campaign. Matthew is currently finishing post on the Western film “Hot Bath an’ a Stiff Drink” and it’s Sequel that he Directed, Co-Wrote and Produced.


Chris Ratner is Founder, Entertainment Enthusiast and CEO, is a successful, execution-focused technology leader with an amazing vision for entertainment. Working 13 years at logistics leader FedEx, Mr. Ratner has honed his leadership and business capabilities by executing large-scale retail application rollouts and managing the technical build-out and opening of over 700 FedEx Office retail locations across the United States. He is now turning his experience to developing a new brand of entertainment. Mr. Ratner’s love and passion of cinematic storytelling goes back to 1979 with the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture at Mann’s National in Westwood, California. “I was eight years old and sitting in a huge theater with all these people, it unlike anything I had experienced before.” Ten years later, he found himself in yet another experience that would shape his future. While working for an industrial door manufacturer installing sound stage doors on the lot at Paramount Pictures, he wandered onto the closed set for Star Trek: The Next Generation. “Walking into that sound stage was a seminal moment for me. To experience something most people will never be able to experience was beyond special, it was magical. For that moment, I was a part of it, I was there.” Since then, he has always been close to Hollywood having worked for DreamWorks and consulted for the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Today, he is an avid moviegoer and amusement park thrill-seeker who has a love and passion for innovating how consumers are entertained. With the influence and experience of cinema, technology and business, Mr. Ratner has developed the next entertainment concept that is the fusion of movies and theme park entertainment. His vision is to blend cinematic worlds into reality, and to entertain audiences with showmanship and authenticity that makes going to the movies not just an outing, but an event that is personalized, thrilling and memorable. reelXperience: Going to the movies is about to get real!


Dan Jamele, Vice President/CTO, MediaMation, Inc. – Serving as chief systems designer of  veteran interactive technology house MediaMation, Inc., Dan Jamele is a visionary who continually designs products and technologies to advance both the science and art of show control. Exhibiting exceptional musical and technical ability at an early age, and garnering numerous prestigious awards for achievements in recording and electronic music, Dan operated his own recording studio straight out of college. His pathway into the attractions industry began as a pre-production and audio programmer for industry leader Landmark Entertainment in 1989. Frustrated with problems  he experienced in existing show control systems, Dan believed he had better solutions to various show control and audio/video tech issues. Along with spouse Alison Jamele, he co- founded MediaMation in 1991, allowing him to pioneer enhancements to the MIDI-based technology that has led to the array of new entertainment technology available from MediaMation today. These innovations  include software and hardware products such as ShowFlow®, Virtual Fountain™, VidShow™ and more,  along with  the advancement of earlier motion simulator models to the current popular, patented MX4D® Series brand. Among Jamele’s  recent innovations is the patent-pending MX4D® armrest, which allows multiple special EFX such as wind and scent  to originate from a theatre patron’s own seat, as opposed to these effects emanating from elsewhere in the theatre. The armrest is but the latest invention in a string of 4D upgrades and improvements which help the movie-goer enjoy a more uniform, realistic and immersive experience. In his spare time, Dan enjoys teaching and guiding up- and -coming "techie gurus" by providing them with the foundation to tackle technical challenges in the entertainment industry.


Sang Cho, Chief Content Officer, CJ 4DPLEX America: Sang Cho is responsible content strategy and acquisition for CJ 4DPLEX America, which operates 4DX - the world’s first 4D-technology based cinema for feature films.  Sang works closely with the major Hollywood studios, as well as filmmakers and producers, to secure content for 4DX.  4DX combines commercial films and alternative content with motion-based seating synchronized with over 20 different effects that maximizes the feeling of immersion within the movie.  Prior to his position at CJ 4Dplex America, Sang served in executive positions with CJ Entertainment & Media (CJ E&M Corp) from 2006, focusing on strategic planning and business development working on several key initiatives including: CJ’s exclusive deal to distribute Paramount and DreamWorks Animation films in Korea, the acquisition of ImaginAsian Entertainment, and the re-launch of ImaginAsian as Mnet America in 2010 and launch of KCON, the largest K-pop music and fan convention in 2012.


Kevin Williams, Consultant and writer, KWP; Kevin Williams founded KWP Limited, in 2004 as an international consulting operation, services include, (but are not limited to), the following:  market analysis, competitive industry summary, technology evaluation and management services including design, development and marketing. KWP also assists clients in the amusement and attractions industry to apply cutting-edge new technologies. KWP has amassed a wide list of clients, relying on industry intelligence, hands-on experience and an extensive background in the market. He is also founder and contributing Editor of the international Digital Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment (DOE) industries leading subscription information eNewsletter service - The Stinger Report ( and The Redemption & FEC Report ( With a large number of seminar, presentations and articles to his name, Kevin also is a regular guest columnist for the leading trade publications Vending Times, Tourist Attractions & Parks, InterGame and RePlay Magazine. Recently Kevin has co-authored a book on the sector called ‘The Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment Frontier’ (published through Gower). And with this move he has also founded and is the chairman of the new Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment Network Association (DNA) ( The DNA Association having gathered leading developers, operators and investors in the re-emerging public space entertainment sector, and the new initiatives that are driving the growth in interest.

Matthew Gratzner, Co-Founder / Creative Director, New Deal Studios: Co-Founder and Creative Supervisor for New Deal Studios, Matthew Gratzner is widely respected within the entertainment industry for his artistry and business acumen – a rare pairing of skills, which Matthew balances in every undertaking. From his early days in theatre as an Actor, Writer and Director, he has grown into a multifaceted Director, Designer, Visual Effects Supervisor, Fine Artist, Leader and Entrepreneur. Mr. Gratzner and New Deal Studios’ feature credit list include award winning independent films along with billion dollar franchises: Hugo, The Aviator, Shutter Island, The Dark Knight Rises, The Dark Knight, Inception, Iron Man, Alien Resurrection, Live Free or Die Hard, X-Men, Avengers, Terminator 3, Pirates of The Caribbean, Spiderman.  He was nominated for a