Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM - Immersion – AR – VR – Holography – Taking it to the Next Level

Session I: Ballroom Terrace

Innovating in VR-AR-Immersive Production - Putting the Vision into Action - Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR, Google Cardboard & and others

Jason Yim, President and Executive Creative Director, Trigger

Rick Rey, CEO & Co-founder, Surreal

Mike Rozycki, Creative Technologist, Team One

Mike Drachkovitch, CEO and founder, Ovrture

Jason Merkoski, Co-Founder, BeForeverMe, Early inventor of the Kindle

Mark Ladd, CEO and Founder, LyteShot

Moderator - Andy Goldstein, Executive Producer, Otherworld Interactive

partners.  Trigger’s pedigree derives from digital marketing for the movie industry, developing worldwide campaigns for franchises like The Amazing Spider-Man for Sony Pictures, The Hobbit for Warner Bros. and The Hunger Games for Lionsgate.  Components include Websites, Mobile Sites, Social Media, Online Games and Apps, all localized into multiple languages.  Yim has spoken at Digital Hollywood, Sundance Film Festival, NAB, AFI Digifest, Comdex, SXSW, ad:tech: Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo, iStrategy, Qualcomm's Uplinq and Yim’s alma mater, UCLA, and has been featured in the WSJ, Financial Times, LA Times, New York Times, Fox Business News, Creativity, Hollywood Reporter and more.


Rick Rey is the chief executive officer of Surreal, a Los Angeles-based entertainment company that creates and distributes immersive video content for virtual reality devices. Rey co-founded Surreal in 2015 with business partner and chief content officer Andy Vick.  At Surreal, Rey oversees the company’s overall direction, business strategy and key strategic partnerships. He is committed to bringing exciting new content experiences to mainstream audiences, and pushing the entertainment industry towards innovation and nontraditional thinking. As a digital video industry veteran, Rey has spent the last 10 years leveraging technology to engage audiences and tell visual stories in new ways and he is continuing that pioneering track record with Surreal. Virtual reality as a medium presents new opportunities for content creators, as well as new challenges, and Rey has always been drawn to unchartered waters in the entertainment space. Prior to co-founding Surreal, Rey was general manager of entertainment at Maker Studios, where he oversaw content operations, programming strategy, and branded entertainment for the company’s key content verticals, including Comedy, Music, Movies, News, Pop Culture and Animation. He worked closely with internal sales teams to develop and package original video content featuring the world’s biggest YouTube stars alongside traditional Hollywood talent. As GM, Rey led a large cross-departmental team with representatives from every division of the company, from talent partnerships to marketing to accounting/finance. After The Walt Disney Company acquired Maker in 2014, Rey worked across the Disney organization to develop and execute groundbreaking projects with leaders from Disney Parks, Disney Channel, Lucasfilm, Disney Interactive, Walt Disney Studios, among others.  Previously, Rey was vice president of original programming and development at Blip, an independent video platform that was acquired by Maker Studios. Rey led the company’s digital studio and branded entertainment team, which encompassed all content development, production, and top-tier talent partnerships. He executive produced original series sponsored by top advertising partners, including GEICO, Verizon, Capital One, Clorox, Kingsford, and Canon. Before joining the Blip team in 2010, Rey was an independent creator/producer in the online video space since the mid 2000s, writing and producing content for the first wave of multi-channel networks, including Next New Networks (acquired by YouTube) and Revision3 (acquired by Discovery Digital Networks). Rey is a native of Detroit, Michigan, and a graduate of University of Michigan.


Jason Merkoski, Co-Founder, BeForeverMe, Early inventor of the Kindle: Jason Merkoski, is a futurist, an inventor, and a digital renegade. Trained in theoretical math at MIT, he has worked for nearly two decades to shape our digital future. One of the early inventors of the Kindle, he was also a development manager, product manager, and the first technology evangelist at Amazon. He’s worked as CTO for several technology startups, and his experience goes broad and deep — from telecommunications and e-commerce to Hollywood and primal living. Currently the co-founder of Be Forever Me, he's helping people take the audio and video media they’ve created over the years — from birthdays to weddings, from parties to retirement — and enabling conversational search against everyone's life-stories, so family and friends can get to know one another more deeply.


Mark Ladd, CEO and Founder, LyteShot: CEO and Founder, Mark Ladd founded LyteShot in late 2012 to develop an interactive technology platform that digitally connects physical gaming for unique mobile gaming experiences that takes place anywhere by leveraging the connectivity of the cloud to the Internet of Things (IoT) and as the first interactive Augmented Reality gaming platform. The company was founded on the belief that mobile gaming was always meant to remove the tether to TVs/ display screens in order to bring interactive gaming experiences to the backyard, across a city, or around the world. LyteShot's sensor-based mobile platform uses mobile devices and the latest consumer technology to provide the link between the player, the real world, and gaming to enhance the gaming experience by leveraging the player's imagination.  Mark has over 20 years of leading design and technical innovation for large, multi-national architectural/engineering and emerging services companies. Mark is an entrepreneur of design and information technology with a forte in the exploration and development of 3D digital solutions in highly data-driven and design oriented settings. He led development of the building information modeling (BIM) environment for such projects as the new NATO HQ in Brussels and the SSA's new Central Office and Data Center in Maryland. In addition, Mark led the formation of Millennium Development Group, a national real-estate build-to-suit start-up. As a fan of interactive entertainment, Mark was an early investor in Build-a-Bear and still continues to be an avid gamer. Mark didn’t start out as part of the typical gamer and programmer crowd. His past experience in the more “unsexy” technology realm came from developing digital building modeling information (BIM) and creating digital worlds that are translated into the real world. Mark also received an English Literature major and Medieval History minor for his undergraduate degrees – a pretty untraditional path to becoming a consumer gaming creator.


Jason Yim, is the President and Executive Creative Director of Trigger; an agency with offices in Los Angeles and Shanghai fusing Hollywood Creative with Mobile Innovation. Jason brings over 18 years of experience to the digital marketing industry. Trigger is a pioneer in Augmented Reality working with global brands like LEGO, Nike, American Apparel, Sesame Street and McDonald’s to prototype, develop and market new products.  As a Qualcomm portfolio company and preferred developer for their AR technology, Vuforia, Trigger works directly with Qualcomm scientists and engineers to debut their latest features with key brand